Pipeline Consulting Services

Pipeline pigging is necessary to keep your pipelines free of sediments and debris as well as prevent corrosion and leaks. Pigging regularly and correctly is essential for maintaining maximum flow of product, extending the life of the pipeline, and preventing environmental disaster. But while the benefits of pigging are clear, it’s not always obvious what type of pig should be used. There are many critical factors to be considered when selecting a pig. The physical characteristics of the pipeline, such as minimum bend radius, types of valves, and changes in pipeline diameter will determine the geometry of the pig. The contents of the line will determine what materials should be used, and will also indicate what types of sediment are present. The history of the line - knowing what types of pigs have been run, and how often they've been run (if ever) - will play an important role in developing a pigging program. Selecting the incorrect pig can have disastrous results.


 Among the services we offer are:


✔ Pre-construction review to ensure pigability.
✔ Pig and Brush specifications.
✔ Review of current pigging program.
✔ Engineering drawings for pig and brush fabrication.
✔Complete custom pigging program.

 Poor Pig Design
Unsuccessful run
with poor pig design.
 Our Pig Design
Successful run with
our pig design.

Batzel Consulting will discuss with you the details of your pipeline and what you hope to accomplish. We’ll review the pipeline data and develop a pigging program customized to your needs. You’ll be provided with engineering drawings of all necessary equipment which you can send to the supplier of your choice. Our affiliation with other well respected pipeline consultants provides us with the ability to tackle any pipeline problem with confidence. Don’t rely on a salesman to protect your single most important asset – your pipeline.

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