Pipeline Pigging Equipment

As part of our consulting services, Batzel Consulting will provide you with a full set of engineering drawings for fabrication of your pigging equipment. We’ll work with the supplier of your choice to ensure your pigging equipment is constructed properly. If you prefer, we can procure the pigging products for you. Since we do not manufacture and we’re not associated with any pig supplier, we have the freedom to work with the most qualified manufacturer to meet your particular needs.

Some of the equipment we can acquire:

✔ Mandrel pigs, foam pigs, batching pigs, etc.
✔ Flat wire brushes, fine wire brushes, pencil brushes.
✔ Pig trackers and pingers.
✔ Launching and receiving equipment.
✔ Valves, enclosures, and other hardware.


If you need something not listed above, please ask us. We have contacts with suppliers around the world. No matter what type of pigging equipment you're looking for, we can find it for you.

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